Sawyer Carpenter

Sawyer Carpenter's deep-rooted connection to the 4x4 world began in his adventurous Utah upbringing, where he rode home from the hospital in his parents' 1989 Land Cruiser FJ62. Co-founder of Legend Motor Co., his passion for automobiles and motorcycles, combined with his marketing and sales acumen, led him to build a career aligned with his love for nostalgia-modern lifestyle and exploration. From real estate success to bespoke vehicle manufacturing, Sawyer's journey epitomizes his pursuit of a professional life that intertwines with his lifelong passion for art and engineering.



Nick Panos's lifelong automotive journey began with a profound moment: arriving home as a newborn in a 1985 FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser. A lifelong passion for classic trucks ensued which lead to restoring and modifying countless vintage 4x4s with meticulous attention to detail. During his tenure with Kindig-It Designs in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nick was featured on the reality show Bitchin' Rides, where his expertise and charisma garnered worldwide recognition. Since founding Legend Motor Co., Nick is honoring his roots with each bespoke creation, capturing an iconic 4x4 silhouette while pushing the boundaries of American craftsmanship and design.



James Frauenberg's fascination with cars began at an early age, learning to drive in a '62 Corvette and attending the Indy 500 with his family. His passion for cars led to his personal pursuit of racing and building performance vehicles. After a successful career in retail finance, James co-founded Legend Motor Co., fueled by his own experiences and desire to improve the iconic Land Rover Defender through proven American performance and bespoke engineering. James combines his business acumen with his deep understanding of racing and off-road vehicles to power Legend Motor Co. and redefine the idea of a luxury 4x4.


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